Exclusive design modern style staircase in luxurious holiday apartment

Exclusive design modern style oak
staircase in luxurious holiday apartment

2 floors  |  wood, metal, glass  |  LED lights

About the project

Projects developed by LHM Gruppen stand out for their precision quality and the use of long-lasting, durable materials. Apartments where we installed staircases have calm, natural colour tones, and their interiors are designed using a combination of wood and stone.





Each element here supplements each other and allows to maintain the impression of integrity.
When designing a staircase, we aim for it to be an eye-catching, luxurious accent in the interior.

Contemporary Contrast

We chose solid oak treads, a black metal handrail and glass for the staircase. The first three flights of stairs are wide and sturdy, opening up to the room. They are very functional as they have built-in drawers. Diagonal treads and LED lighting mounted in them give a sense of lightness to these treads. The other part of the staircase is wooden, fixed to the wall.

Melding Elements in a Stylish Staircase Design

The flight of stairs is similar in colour to the stone wall of the apartment, thus it looks hanging in the air. At the bottom of the staircase, the handrail is constructed as a railing made of hollow pieces of the same length as the tread. The second flight of stairs has an elegant metal wall handrail. The outer part of the staircase is covered in glass, which is visually difficult to see, but provides safety. All glass holders are concealed under natural wood elements.