Luxurious classic-style staircase in the exclusive private residence

Luxurious classic-style staircase
in the exclusive
private residence

2 floors  |  wood, carpet

About the project

We love what we do and we always guarantee an exceptional result to our clients, even if it means facing challenges. In this case, we had an extremely short lead time, a mere 7 weeks, and non-standard dimensions of the product.





The house has a classic interior style: light colours, ornate decor and sleek shapes.

A Symphony of Luxury in Every Step

The same style, luxury and shapes are echoed in the expressive staircase. Stairs are linear and playfully curved. The bullnose is elongated, which is a strong accent, giving solidity and a special fit in a classic interior. Each of the following tread has rounded ends with filled risers. We chose a conservatively luxurious style for the staircase handrails.

A White Symphony of Staircases

The handrail at the wall has a white wood panel with an embossed ornament on it. The outer handrail is bolder, with classic carvings. Both the staircase and the handrail are of a dazzling white colour with a lacquered solid armrest.

We installed a total of 3 staircases and 16 doors in this house. All of them are of sub-standard dimensions.