Minimalistic style modern design staircase

Minimalistic style
modern design staircase

3 floors  |  wood, metal, glass  |  LED lights

About the project

Strict shapes, minimum detail, monochromatic colour range. Modern interior style is particularly popular in modern homes. When asked to build a staircase in this type of house, we didn’t hesitate. The staircase had to be minimalist, made of natural materials and straight lines.





Dual Harmony

The staircase connecting the two different floors has two flights of stairs connected by a landing. The stringer supporting each flight of stairs is centered and made of black metal. We chose natural ash wood for treads. The light brown colour and natural texture patterns of this wood contrast beautifully with the dark and cold colour of the stone wall. We decided to use different handrails on different sides of the stairs.

Effortless Elegance

A laconic, solid, thin metal handrail was chosen at the wall. Meanwhile, on the inner side of the staircase, there is a solid glass wall between the metal handrail and the treads, which ensures safety, makes the staircase look light and is barely visible. Since the walls of the house are dark and absorb daylight, we installed LED lights in each tread. Their light is warming and further enhances the colour of the treads.

This staircase is easily modifiable, ideally adapting to different spaces and colour ranges, thus is one of our most popular products.