Luxurious design L shape oak staircase  in modern style interior 

Luxurious design L shape
oak staircase
in modern style interior

2 floors  |  wood, glass  |  LED lights

About the project

A showcase window wall and the staircase next to it. This is the task we had when installing a staircase in a modern house in Lithuania. This meant only one thing to us: the staircase had to be lightweight, elegant, without blocking the view and light coming in through the window.





White Elegance

With the predominant colour in the interior being white, we mounted the stairs on a white-painted metal flight of stairs, giving them an elegant and light feel. The handrails are glass, with ergonomic, sleek wooden armrests.

Luxury Illumination

Solid oak was chosen for the treads, with continuous LED lighting integrated in each tread. The stairs have a strict, regular shape, but having turned the lighting on, the structure of the treads changes. The metallized bullnose gives the staircase a luxurious feel.