Elegant spiral 3-storey staircase with Ash steps and glass railings

Elegant spiral staircase with
ash steps and glass railings

2 floors  |  wood, glass

About the project

The staircase in the central part of the living space is the axis of the house and the main accent of the interior. We chose to design it in the shape of a helix.





It is one of the most playful staircase shapes, but requires special attention for safety.

A staircase Symphony in Modern Design

The modern, clean design of the staircase fits in with the interior of the room. The light-coloured solid ash treads are filled, with a wide tread run. The solid ash treads are designed to be supported by a glass handrail affixed to the staircase opening on the first and second floor overlay.

Sculpted Elegance

Although the glass of the handrail is shaped in regular rectangulars, it creates an impression of a cubist masterpiece when covering the spiral staircase. The minimalist wall of thin plates at the back of the first four steps, which covers the inner side of the stairs, conceals technical floor heating elements.